Question Answer
Who can sign up to FoodChain? Any registered business or charity organization can join FoodChain.
What are Givers and Getters? FoodChain uses this terminology to distinguish between users that donate food and users that receive and distribute it. More specifically, typically, FoodChain Givers would be businesses or institution that deals with food daily, while FoodChain Getters would be non-profit charity organizations.
Who can sign up as a FoodChain Giver? Any registered business, company or institution in Israel can sign up as a Giver. This may also include sole proprietors such as “עוסק מורשה” and “עוסק פטור”.
Who can sign up as a FoodChain Getter? Any registered charity or non-profit organization In Israel can sign up as a Getter. However, Getters who are recognised as “public institutions” under section 46 of the Israeli Tax Ordinance will have better chances of winning donations as they can provide donation receipts.
How do I sign up to FoodChain? Currently, an initial version of FoodChain is available for beta testers who are willing to use the platform for free and give us feedback on how we can improve it. In the future, Freemium pay-as-you-go subscriptions will be made available to allow users a complete A-Z solution to food waste. Click here to sign up for Beta testing.
Why can’t I sign up as a Getter if I’m not a registered non profit? The Israeli law has strict regulations about who can distribute food and under which conditions. FoodChain aims to reduce as much food waste as possible but we also want to protect our users from possible liabilities. With enough public support, we believe we can change the game and hope to be able to open FoodChain for individual users as well.
I’m afraid of being sued if the food I donate gets spoiled. How can FoodChain help me? According to Israeli law, in order to avoid liability issues related to food donations, the giver has to provide the Getter with certain documents that we at FoodChain produce automatically for you. Our default “consume within” field is 3 hours, allowing enough time for the charity to collect and distribute the food while minimizing the liability time frame for you. To be on the safe side, always check the food before you offer it for donation, and follow the same safety protocols that you follow when serving customers.
Can I add more than one team member to my FoodChain account? The current version of FoodChain does not support team accounts, but we may add it in the future. If you’d like us to develop this feature, give it a thumbs up!